Russell C. Davis Planetarium

201 E Pascagoula Street | 601.960.1552 | Website


One of the largest facilities of its kind in the country, the Russell C. Davis Planetarium was built primarily for presenting educational and entertaining shows regarding astronomy, or for training in celestial navigation. The Planetarium’s giant hemispheric theater, named after Dr. Ronald E. McNair, has been outfitted with a state-of-the-art 4k full-dome digital projection system, set to blow you away. The totally immersive 60-foot diameter projection dome provides a digital cinema experience like no other, giving you a front row seat to the action in ways that no flat screen ever could.

In the past, the Planetarium’s system could display the sky at any point in time: past, present or future and show the night sky as it would appear from any location on Earth. But now, as we move into the digital age, this technology is capable of, not only of simulating earthly stargazing, but of escaping the bonds of our planet’s gravity and flying all the way to the edge of the known universe, with all the cosmic sight-seeing you could imagine on the way. From entertaining feature shows to enriching educational content, the Planetarium’s digital Minolta Super MediaGlobe II system is capable of taking you to the depths of the oceans to swim with the fish, into the past to roam with dinosaurs, into the heavens to fly right up to the planets and stars, and everywhere in between!

The Russell C. Davis Planetarium is currently closed for renovation. However, it also functions as a popular venue for many other events such as film screenings, festivals, corporate and private functions, comedy shows, fashion shows, and much more. Find them on Facebook!


Currently closed for renovation


Digital Cinema Show Tickets:
– Adult $8.00
– Senior $7.00
– Child $6.00