Museum of Mississippi History

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The Museum of Mississippi History encourages people to explore and appreciate our state’s history by illustrating that there is only one Mississippi, yet many stories to tell. Step into the museum and be transported back in time to experience the stories of Mississippians over thousands of years. Explore interactive exhibits, see engaging artifacts, and hear stories from people who helped to shape our great state, illustrating how our shared past influences our future together.

The stories begin with The First Peoples who date back to 13,000 BC. Walk through time as you view archaeological finds – including pottery, tools, and weapons – that tell the story of these ancient cultures. Learn about the cultural crossroads with European explorers, the joining of the United States, and the cotton kingdom. Gain a first-hand experience of the trials and struggles of the Mississippi peoples. Learn how they forged ahead through the difficulties, and how technology, industry and immigration changed the social landscape of the state.

Through the ages, artists of all aspects emerged from Mississippi enlightening the world. From Faulkner and Welty to Grisham and Wright, many Mississippi authors have contributed to literature in many significant ways. Mississippi is home to many great musicians and is the birthplace of the blues. Country, Rock n’ Roll, bluegrass, R & B, classical and more have roots in Mississippi. Mississippi actors and actresses have graced both the stage and the screen. Sculptors, painters, potters, photographers, and more have hailed from Mississippi, bringing their art to the world. Master craftsmen, folk artists, traditional artist, fine artists, and more call Mississippi home. Though there is one Mississippi, there are many stories. Head to the Museum of Mississippi History to be emerged in the rich history of the great State of Mississippi.



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