Farish Street Baptist Church

619 N Farish Street | 601.355.0636 | Website

Farish Street Baptist Church is committed to the witness of Christ in an urban setting of Downtown Jackson, Mississippi. They welcome everyone to join in the sharing of the good news of the gospel of Christ.

The church offers several ways to get connected and engaged including through worship services, study opportunities, and in the mission field. Experience the joy of God’s presence in worship each Sunday. The music will inspire, the sermon will enlighten and the fellowship will enrich your life. The Chancel, Gospel, Male, Cherubim choirs and String Ensemble will excite music lovers throughout the service. For those who cannot attend the worship service, the church offers a Sermon Podcast available on iTunes, and through MP3 audio via their website.

Located within the Farish Street Historic District, the church began in 1893 when Reverend Elbert B. Topp, along with 210 people serving as the congregation, organized what is now known as the Farish Street Baptist Church. The church has a history linked to the history and expansion of Christianity among African-Americans in Mississippi.