Cathedral of St. Peter the Apostle

123 N West Street | 601.969.3125 | Website

Located in Downtown Jackson, Mississippi, the Cathedral Church of Saint Peter the Apostle holds the seat of the Bishop of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Jackson.

The Cathedral of St. Peter is made up of a diverse group of both English and Spanish-speaking families, and holds daily and weekly masses in both English and Spanish. “We, the people of the Cathedral Parish of St. Peter the Apostle in Downtown Jackson, are called, under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, to proclaim the mission and message of Jesus, Our Lord. We recognize in this call a responsibility and opportunity to be visible and active witnesses for the building of His Kingdom. Conscious of our human weakness, but empowered by the presence of the Holy Spirit, we commit ourselves to this mission and ministry.”

The Cathedral is constructed in a modified Gothic design of brick with a cruciform floor plan. The front facade features a square tower topped with a spire that reaches a height of 119 feet. The steeple is sheathed in copper and slate, and is capped with a cross. Each of the fifteen stained glass windows, featured throughout the cathedral, depict a story or image of a significant event. The large circular Rose Window, gained its name Lady of the Thumb, based on Giovanni Battista Salvi da Sassoferrato’s oil painting, “the Madonna of the Thumb”, simply because all that can be seen in the work is the face of the Blessed Mother and her thumb peeking out of her blue veil. The center of any Rose Window is of great significance, and this particular window encourages a devotion to Mary and a desire to “uncover” Christ fully for all to see. To learn more, visit them online or on Facebook.