“THEE Legacy Continues” JSU 2023 Homecoming Parade

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“THEE Legacy Continues” with the JSU 2023 homecoming parade in Downtown Jackson, Saturday, October 14 at 8am!

“THEE Legacy Continues” is this year’s homecoming theme, symbolizing the enduring connection that binds generations of alumni, students, faculty and staff who play pivotal roles in the university’s growth and achievements. The parade is a time for JSU students, alumni, and supporters to show their school spirit and promote their organizations, groups, and companies while expressing their love for JSU. The tiger community is encouraged to join the festivities by making posts or videos showing how they carry the JSU legacy. Posts can include most exciting moments, proudest accomplishments, or contributions to JSU using the hashtags #THEELegacyContinues and #JSUHomecoming.

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Parade Route: beginning/ending at the corner of Court Street and Commerce Street, the parade will head north on State Street, take a left turn onto Pearl Street, take another left turn onto West Street, before finally making the last left turn onto Court Street to end where it all began.