The Thing With Feathers / Goldpark Live at Martin’s Downtown

Martin’s Downtown | 214 State Street, Jackson, Mississippi, 39201

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The Thing with Feathers / Goldpark Live at Martin’s Downtown June 2
Doors 8 pm | Presented by Rybolt Productions
The Feathers footing found solid ground soon after the modest success of their debut with ‘Figure It Out’, their sophomore single, released in May of 2019. The infectious hook and pop-sensitive rock sound helped the track amass over a million streams on Spotify since its release, quickly becoming a fan-favorite at live shows and proving a powerful catalyst in reaching an international audience. As the band continued to forge their distinct sound through their next several releases (‘Blue’, ‘What You Want’, and ‘Midwest Daydreams’) they also perfected their live sound and on-stage presence through various shows in Nashville, going out on a perfect high note with a sold-out show at the High Watt a mere three weeks prior to the initial pandemic lockdown.
More recently, the Feathers have teamed up with producer and mixing engineer Kyle Dreaden (Parachute, Jake Wesley Rogers). Their first collaboration with Dreaden leading production, ‘We’ll Be Fine’, was released on April 9th, 2021. Exhilaratingly tight performances from the rhythm section topped with a seamless guitar hook and bold, anthemic vocals came at a perfect time as people began to feel a breath of fresh air from the pandemic.
Through an unprecedented pause on live shows due to the lockdowns, the boys continued to obsessively work on their studio sound, retreating to Soultrain Sound Studios and Galt Line Studios to write and record what would become their debut EP, Sundays In The South. Masterfully produced by Owen Lewis (Old Sea Brigade, Snow Patrol) and mixed by Dreaden, the career-defining release pushes the boundaries of pop-infused alternative rock to lengths not previously exhibited by their Nashville contemporaries. With the November 19th release of ‘Static’, the first single from the upcoming EP, the bands aggressive expansion of their footprint beginning in the late fall of 2021 will culminate in the February 2022 release of Sundays In The South and a coinciding tour of the U.S. leading into the spring of 2022. MTV added the music video for The Thing With Feathers’ ‘Lights Down Low’ into rotation on their ‘Spankin’ New’ video in 2022.
Embodying the punk ethos of DIY, the Feathers bring the kind of eccentric, electric energy capable of catapulting a garage band, initially built for taking over college towns, in front of both underground and mainstream audiences alike. The crew’s unpracticed, quirky swagger coupled with stellar musicianship has resulted in a catalog of equally introspective and uncomplicated tunes, dedicated to booty-shakers everywhere.
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