The Farewell Tour: Levitation Jones + King Joe + Lemondoza at Martin’s Downtown

Martin’s Downtown | 214 State Street, Jackson, Mississippi, 39201

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The Farewell Tour: Levitation Jones + King Joe + Lemondoza at Martin’s Downtown
June 1 | 10 pm | Presented by Rybolt Productions
Levitation Jones has been a household name in the deep dubstep staple for years. During his music career he has performed with some of the biggest names in the industry including Yheti, Toadface, The Widdler, Notlo, Parrotice, Ravenscoon, Mystic Grizzly, Smith. And Chief Kaya.
Levitation has performed at festivals including Yonderville, Imagine Music Festival, Sound Haven, Bigfoot Electro, Fractal Beach 2018, Hulaween 2021, and Okeechobee.
Most recently Levitation has performed in the following markets North Carolina (w/ MiMOSA, Zeplinn & Sophron), Florida (Gainesville & Tampa), New York (Rochester), Oklahoma, Rhode Island, Tennessee, Colorado (Denver) and more.The infamous rockstar of bass music steps up to the plate with a rule-bending, curve-ball approach. Levitation Jones, Brian Gardner, is regarded as a young veteran of the underground music and festival scene. First gaining the respect from the crowd for spinning some of the most genre-less and gloomy music out there, Jones has really leveled up as a producer to match the heat in those sets, not limited to popular tracks ‘New Kid’ and ‘Larry’, with plenty of hits and cult favorites.
Being a standard producer/DJ is far from Levitation’s knack, however. Hosting radio and podcast shows, curating the notorious ‘Heterodox’ compilation, being a pioneer of weird bass, and touring the U.S. with a Danley Sound Labs rig rounds out some of the weird-man’s multi-faceted rap sheet. LJ has dipped his toes in many waters, approaching the industry from a fan-first perspective.
Parodying an egotistical rockstar loosely based on himself, the Jones character is often used as commentary on the insignificant triflings of the day-to-day, providing a much-needed distraction. A modern-day bard, the entertainment mindset fuels the rambunctious live antics, satirical persona, and even viral memes of your favorite villain.
Levitation Jones makes art for people who don’t take themselves too seriously, but at the same time, encourages introspection and reflection.
King Joe
Joe Sobolewski, known as King Joe, has a very unique style with his different genres of bass music. From his dub flow to his downtempo frequencies, King Joe implements low end frequencies that will leave you in a trance.
King Joe pushes sound culture with his project. He is the Co-Owner / Co-Founder of The Dub Emporium, a sound system culture label based in FL. He has original label releases with Sum R&R and Reloaded Sounds (UK). He also has collaborations with acts such as Levitation Jones, and Delta (UK) – with many more in the works.
King Joe has shared the stage with many big names in the industry and has played music festivals all over the country. Some notable festivals this past year have been Yonderville, Big Dub, Wub n Dub, Moonwalk, Praire Pothole, The Homie Collective Campout, and even Love Burn in Miami. He has also played support for acts such as The Widdler, Ternion Sound, Meso, Josh Teed, Khiva, Dirt Monkey, Levitation Jones, Space Wizard, Eprom, and many more.
Lemondoza originally from Russia , got really involved in Midwest bass music scene. Inspired by local producers and inclusive community Lemondoza creating bass music that has both American and European elements in it. As a producer doesn’t follow particular genre. Artist has edgy experimental vibe with a lot of unnatural self made sounds. Inspired by future science and technology.
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