Stevie J at Martin’s Downtown

Martin’s Downtown | 214 State Street, Jackson, Mississippi, 39201

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Stevie J performing at Martin’s Downtown Friday, November 27 | Doors 8pm!
Singer, songwriter and guitarist, Stevie J can relate to the history of the Blues and how it has impacted modern music. Son of a pastor and native of Jackson, MS, he has twenty years of experience as a professional musician, beginning in Gospel and Southern Soul, and adding Blues when an introduction to that music fueled a passion that focused him deeply in the Blues genre.
His early musical influences came from his father’s church, where he started out playing drums, but then made the move to guitar. As he progressed to lead guitar, he played with gospel groups such as The Five Blind Boys of Alabama, Mighty Clouds of Joy and The Williams Brothers. In 2001, Stevie J found his calling in life when he sat in with the legendary Bobby Rush. Rush had a huge impact on Stevie’s career and inspired him to diversify into Blues and Funk, which was taboo in his father’s world as a preacher. “The Devil’s Music” became a struggle with right and wrong, but Stevie realized God’s plan for him in the music industry, and followed his passion for Blues.
Bobby Rush and Pat Brown became Stevie J’s adoptive parents in the music scene, and shared the history of the Blues from Chicago to Mississippi. Stevie J recorded with Rush on his “Folk Funk” album in 2004, and was also featured with Rush on “Live At Ground Zero,” and Martin Scorsese’s series: “The Blues.” Besides touring throughout the US, Stevie J toured with Rush throughout Switzerland and France.
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