Southern Spark Conference

Mississippi Museum of Art | 380 S Lamar Street, Jackson

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The Southern Spark Conference aims to ignite passion, innovation, and collaboration across various sectors, focusing on the practical implementation of artificial intelligence (AI) in Mississippi. It serves as a dynamic platform for educators, business professionals, and community leaders to engage and exchange ideas, enhancing their understanding and application of AI technologies. Key aspects of the conference include:

Community Engagement: The event encourages community-driven initiatives and discussions on how AI can revolutionarily impact various fields, aiming to position Mississippi as a hub of generative AI innovation​​.

Educational Advancement: With a dedicated track for educators, the conference supports the integration of AI into educational practices, offering workshops, resources, and continuing education credits to enhance teaching and learning experiences​​.

Business Development: Business professionals can explore AI applications specific to their industries through practical workshops and networking events, helping them gain a competitive edge and foster strategic partnerships​​.

Overall, the conference is designed to be a catalyst for change, bringing together diverse stakeholders to explore AI’s potential and ensure its responsible and equitable use across Mississippi’s educational and economic landscapes​​.

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