SHIFT: Drugs & Addiction Summit

Jackson Convention Complex | 105 E Pascagoula Street, Jackson, Mississippi, 39201

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Almost every family in America is touched by addiction. Many professions also face the challenge of drug-related problems every day. Harm is abundant and hope is often elusive.
Most people agree on one thing: What we’re doing isn’t working.

The SHIFT Summit offers innovative solutions that could reduce drug-related harm like crime and overdose, and accelerate the number of positive outcomes like recovery.

Speakers from across the country as well as Mississippi will share personal stories, expert knowledge, and options for a better path forward. Whether you’re a parent or policymaker, pastor or professor, police officer or a person in recovery, the SHIFT Summit is for you.

Through short, dynamic presentations, you’ll experience what a shift to health-centered approaches to drugs and addiction could offer.

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