R.E.A.D. (Read, Engage, and Discover)

Two Mississippi Museums | 222 North Street, Jackson, Mississippi, 39201

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Children and parents are invited to the R.E.A.D. (Read, Engage, and Discover) summer enrichment program at the Two Mississippi Museums on Friday, June 25, at 11 a.m. In this edition, editorial cartoonist Marshall Ramsey will join us for a reading and discussion of his children’s book, Banjo’s Dream: A Little Brown Dog’s A-Z Book of Inspiration. Children will engage in a hands-on activity following the reading. This event is free and will be held in the Craig H. Neilsen Auditorium. Face masks and social distancing guidelines are required.
Marshall Ramsey is an award-winning editorial cartoonist and author. He serves as the Editor-At-Large for the nonprofit news website, Mississippi Today and is the host of the radio show “Now You’re Talking with Marshall Ramsey” and the television program “Conversations on Mississippi Public Broadcasting.” Ramsey’s work has been featured in several news publications such as The New York Times, USA Today, and Jackson’s Clarion Ledger.
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