Music By Kota live at Martin’s Downtown

Martin’s Downtown | 214 State Street, Jackson, Mississippi, 39201

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Music By Kota performing live at Martin’s Downtown May 22nd | Doors 9pm!
Music By KOTA is an alternative band originally formed in Memphis, TN. Influenced by artists of the past such as The Rolling Stones, The Beatles, and Hendrix, their goal is to present the roots of rock and roll in a new and modern way. Their sound is the perfect mix of blues, rock, and folk that can be enjoyed by anyone, anywhere. The band consists of Dakota Jackson (Lead Vocals), Conner Blakley (Keys and Vocals), Ryan Young (Lead Guitar), Bryton Wallace (Drums), and Alex Taylor (Bass).
“Soulful, playful, and relatable, Lucy from Music By KOTA delves into your soul and refuses to let go.” – Jamie Parmenter— Vinyl Chapters
“These guys have that youthful vibe and mature songwriting combination that makes you want as much as you can get from the band. ”— R.A.G.
“Once in a while, we have to leave all jokes aside and simply salute the quality of the playing of a rock band in fine form. We’re doing that today for Music By KOTA’s Lucy, a pastiche of bluesy rock and 60s songwriting. ” – Eduard Banulescu— Alt77
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