Jonathan Yargates Band

Martin’s Downtown | 214 State Street, Jackson, Mississippi, 39201

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Jonathan Yargates Band performing a limited capacity, socially distanced event February 5th at Martin’s Downtown | Doors 8pm!
Born in the Steel City but raised in Jackson, Mississippi where being diverse was the best way to standout. Yargates was a powerhouse guitarist in Jackson before moving to Austin, Texas in 2014. He previously lived in Austin (2007) where he attended college after living a year abroad in New York City (2006). Yargates has been in several bands on several different instruments. From being a drummer in a punk band to a mandolin player in a bluegrass group. Since going solo, Yargates has remind high on local charts and has toured Europe and parts of Canada. With idols like Beck, Prince and Jimi Hendrix, Yargates has a little something for everyone.
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