“City in the Grass” Outdoor Art Installation Unveiling

Mississippi Museum of Art | 308 S Lamar Street, Jackson, MS

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On September 26, 2020 the Mississippi Museum of Art (the Museum) will unveil Leonardo Drew: City in the Grass, a participatory, public art sculpture that invites viewers to engage directly with the work, the space it occupies, and one another while maintaining a social distance. On view in the Museum’s Art Garden until February 21, 2021, City in the Grass (2019) incorporates tactile materials like wood, metal, and canvas which the artist distresses by hand. Over 100 feet long and 30 feet wide, City in the Grass is made of aluminum panels with vividly colored sand to evoke a Persian carpet in motion. The artist intends for viewers to imagine being giants like Gulliver, the hero of Jonathan Swift’s 1726 satire, in fictional Lilliput, as they wander through a bird’s-eye view of a miniature city.

The Brooklyn, NY-based artist considers the work complete when people interact by sitting, standing, and walking on or around the sculpture, disrupting the “do not touch” directive at most public art installations and sculpture parks.

The Museum’s Art Garden is free and open to the public daily during Museum hours.

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